Why python is better than another programming language?

As the IT sector has been evolving, there has been a growth of different programming languages C, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, and more. A career as a software engineer or developer should be made carefully by choosing the right technology to study. Recent market research suggests that IT companies are choosing Python a lot more than other frameworks and languages fo their organizational growth.

Python has also been ranked as the top programming language of 2019 and the upcoming languages of 2020. So, we thought, let’s check why python is better than other programming languages.

What are the advantages of Python?

So, to find out answers, let us start with the basics. The Python language was created about 40 years ago since then many major websites and web apps have been created using this language. Let’s discuss the reasons to choose Python as a career so that you can also start studying and get yourself employed.

A very simple language

Python has high readability and very easy to understand, even for people who are new to the coding world. As a result, problems can be solved directly by a Python developer instead of trying to understand the language first and getting into other complexities as is the current scenario in many languages.

Open Source Coding

Well, this is obvious. People who are just starting their careers can share, change, or copy code without any cost. This results in a large community of developers who are focused on Python and are always trying to improve coding skills instead of languages like MongoDB or NodeJS where not all the features are open source.

Sidenote: If you are convinced and need to get started on finding a job/internship as a Python developer, read some of the most commonly asked Python interview questions which can help your chances of being employed.

Highly Compatible

Python is an Object-oriented Programming language which means it focuses on objects which are based on data inputs and complex functionalities, which is very useful on an organizational level.

Be that as it may, it also has very high compatibility with many frameworks which is beneficial for developers in the long run. Now, besides that, Python’s procedure-oriented programming helps developers reuse code and thus saving a lot of time.

A huge library resource

To be put down simply, there are a lot of libraries (meaning more resources) supporting Python, hence making it very usable and developer-friendly. This also helps in various stages of development such as documentation, web browser configuration, managing databases, performing unit testing for optimized performance and so on.

Comparing Python to other popular languages

Being very readable and easily understandable, Python gives both seasoned and budding developers a chance to upgrade their development skills equally. Due to this, Python’s community is only growing over time.

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