Effective Spider Control in Gaithersburg: Steps You Can Take

Spiders play an important role in the ecosystem. They keep the insect population in check. However, they can be a nuisance as they create annoying webs in corners and eaves of ceilings. These spider webs will make your space look dirty and unhealthy. If you want to eliminate spiders from your home a pest control company in Gaithersburg can get the job done for you. Pest control experts will seal all access points and vacuum your space regularly. It’s important to determine the method that works best for your situation. 

Reasons Spiders Invade Your House

Finding a few spiders in your house can indicate a more serious pest issue. Usually, spiders invade homes in winter to survive the cold. These pests will seek shelter indoors to lay their eggs. Spiders can feed on other insects inside your house. Thus, the presence of spiders inside your house can mean you have other pest-related issues. Thus, if you encounter common house spiders regularly or even venomous species, do not ignore them.

Eliminating Spiders with Natural Remedies

You can prevent spiders from infesting your house with organic options. Below is a guide to eliminating these pests naturally:

  • Eucalyptus. Spiders despise the scent of eucalyptus. Thus, you can prevent a spider infestation by growing a eucalyptus plant. 
  • Cinnamon. This versatile spice can also deter spiders. Look for possible entry points for spiders and sprinkle cinnamon powder in them, particularly the nests. Cinnamon will not kill spiders, but it keeps them outside. 
  • Lemon peel. Spiders hate citrus. Brushing lemon peel all over the window sills or bookshelves will free these spaces from spiders. This is also a great option if you want your garbage or basement to be spider-free. 
  • Vinegar. Mixing white vinegar and water and placing the mixture in a spray bottle can effectively eliminate spiders. The acetic acid in vinegar burns the pests upon contact. 

Effective Pest Control Measures

To keep your home free of spiders, keep it clean and cluttered-free. Spiders are drawn to dark, cluttered places, so ensure you organize the attic, basement, closet, or garage regularly. Also, get rid of stacks of empty boxes you have probably saved up. Spiders may use these boxes to build their homes. 

In addition, you should seal all entry points for spiders. These include cracks, gaps, and holes around the doors and window frames. Also, check for torn window screens and fix them. 

To reduce spider populations, get rid of vegetation from your house entrance’s boundary. Plants draw these insects as they serve as adequate hiding spots. As spiders need new sources of food and warmth, they will crawl from your vegetation and into your house. If you are dealing with a more serious infestation, transplant shrubs, ivy, and trees from the home’s proximity to the opposite part of your yard. 

Spider control is a difficult task. You cannot find an instant solution to a spider issue. In fact, this requires plenty of energy and time as well as persistence and patience. Also, it is not safe, particularly if the spiders are poisonous. You do not need to put your life at risk. A pest control company can provide you with the help you need.

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