Debunking 5 Myths About Murder Defense Attorneys

A criminal defense lawyer, especially in cases of murder and homicide, is the first person people call when they are stuck in the loop of criminal law. Even though they get benefits from defense attorneys, people are skeptical about what these lawyers do, as there are various myths about such attorneys on the market. 

People have created various myths about criminal lawyers, which are not true, and therefore, in this article, we will try to debunk some of the important myths. If you are stuck in any such case, you can consult your reliable attorney, such as a Charlotte homicide defense attorney, where you can find a solution to your problems. 

Myth 1: Defense Attorneys Save Criminals and Compromise Morals

It is often considered that murder defense attorneys safeguard criminals and compromise morals. However, this is not the truth. The actual truth is that defense attorneys uphold the fundamental principle that every individual has the right to a fair trial and legal representation. This representation is important, regardless of the nature of the crime. Therefore, they work to protect the rights of criminals so that they can also receive just and fair legal decisions. 

Myth 2: Murder Defense Attorneys Believe that Their Clients are Innocent Regardless of Evidence. 

In defense cases, even if the attorney is working for the client, they have to work within the legal framework. They acknowledge that the burden of proof is on the prosecution, and therefore, they have to accept the evidence. The murder defense attorneys just try to protect the rights of their clients so that they receive a fair trial and the case is based on credible evidence within the boundaries of the law. 

Myth 3: Murder Defense Attorneys Manipulate the Legal System to get the Criminals Acquitted

Defense attorneys have to work within the boundaries of the legal system, and they have to maintain the legal standards of the legal profession. Their main role is to ensure that the prosecution finds the relevant evidence and that their client is given all the legal rights during the trial, which are guaranteed by the law. 

Myth 4: Defense Attorneys Prefer Winning Cases over Justice

The legal system binds defense attorneys, and they have to work to uphold justice and ensure that their clients receive fair trials. Their main focus is to ensure that the case is dealt with with integrity, the evidence is scrutinized properly, and the rights are protected for the client. So, this is also a myth about defense attorneys: that they oversee the justice for winning the case. 

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